“Weaving is a way of telling a story – my story, my nation’s story”.

Sheriden Bird

About the artist 

Born in Australia and originating from Mudgee (Moothi in Aboriginal meaning nest in the hills) Sheriden is part of the Wiradjuri Nation and also the 3 River Tribe.

Bird holds a deep connection to sea country and has always resided by water, travelling from Mudgee to Mai-Garigal Land in Penrith living on the banks of the Nepean River to now home on Sydney's Northern Beaches.

 Bird creates her pieces to tell a story and is inspired by her heritage and culture.  Profoundly inspired by her natural surroundings particularly ocean, lakes and natural water sources as well as totems being the crow for male and wedge tail eagle for women.

What I Do

Sheriden's creative process is eclectic and incorporates a mix of both traditional and contemporary methods of weaving and sculpting using an array of natural materials. Bird's signature pieces are created using Lomandra, natural wax grasses and raffia. Each handmade piece has its own story and personality. My style is eclectic, described by collectors as inspiring, bold and evoking.